Artificial intelligence in product shape

Recogizer develops predictive analytics solutions from a single source for the energy sector and industry segments.

Analytics: Consulting - Development - Operation

Do you already have large amounts of data and want to profitably use them; learn how to increase the value added?

Our experts will advise you in the implementation of data-driven business models, product finishing or service enhancements. We work out a complete package together with you. Tailored to the framework conditions of your business field.

As big data analytics specialists, we support you in all aspects of the development of analysis technologies and, of course, also permanently ensure their optimal operation. We act professionally, pragmatic and practice-oriented.

Big Data

Development and licensing of analysis technologies as well as a high-performance and stream data-based infrastructure. We provide individual services for your smart, connected products.


'Plug & Play' energy management solution. Modules such as the intelligent control, automatic error detection or predictive maintenance, form the basis of permanently operating your energy systems in an efficient range.


Improvement of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). To do this, we have modularised intelligent algorithms which increase the availability and quality of your machines and processes. Benefit from our AI plugins in your software.

Predictive Analytics

Today, large amounts of data are produced at high speed - for example, by measuring technology in building automation, energy systems or through connected machines and vehicles in general. This data can be analysed for patterns or anomalies to identify potential for improvement.

Machine learning methods flank the classical statistical models, so that a broad repertoire of evaluation methods is available for complex analyses. For optimum use of the instruments, for example, operating costs can be reduced, downtimes decreased, control strategies sharpened or also marketing and sales activities successfully implemented based on obtained findings.



The energy costs for operating the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems represent a significant share of the costs of managing sales areas / multi-site properties. energyControl reduces energy consumption quite significantly by using data-driven predictive control.

Facility management

Is the safe and economical operation of buildings the focal point for you? We support you in avoiding expensive downtimes of energy plants and increasing efficiencies. Predictive maintenance or the balanced provision of an energy saving budget and conservation of the environment.

Building automation

A new level of efficiency can be achieved by the use of artificial intelligence in classical building automation. Recogizer analysis technology can be integrated into energy data management or building automation solutions. Thus, existing offers can be made even more attractive on the market.


A variety of service options are conceivable, such as a optimisation package (e.g. predictive control) or an analytics package to avoid downtime. Manufacturers can use new findings as impulses for product innovations. Competitive advantages can be realised.

Utility industry

Energy providers and municipal utilities can use our forecasting models for intelligent power supply monitoring (energy, gas, water, sewage). In order to optimise operating costs, we also support innovative business concepts such as energy contracting.

IoT platform operators

Existing Internet-of-things platforms become smarter through the use of data analytics modules. Additional modules are, e.g. forecasts that allow the action of electric or CO2 emission rights or intelligent early warning systems to complete the plant remote monitoring.