About Recogizer

Recogizer is a leading predictive analytics company for industrial and energy segments. Our cutting-edge analytics applications increase buildings’ energy efficiency, avoid machine downtime, and optimize industrial processes.

Specialists in artificial intelligence, we combine machine learning with engineering expertise. Our growing international team consists of computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists and engineers – all with significant knowledge and experience.

We work with companies in building automation, mechanical engineering, trade, and the energy industry. With our customers and strategic partners, we act nimbly and successfully in the market.

Recogizer Office, Bonner Bogen

"Recogizer breaks new ground

to raise the energy efficiency of buildings to a new level, reducing machine downtime and improving equipment effectiveness.”

Oliver Habisch
Founder and Managing Director

Oliver Habisch, quote
Oliver Habisch, CEO and Founder Recogizer

Oliver Habisch

Managing Director Technology & Operations

Oliver Habisch is the visionary of Recogizer’s artificial intelligence and an expert on data-driven IoT solutions. Combining creativity with profound technological knowledge, Oliver created an innovative business model. He heads up research and product development and leads the team of data scientists and engineers.

Carsten Kreutze, CEO and Founder Recogizer

Carsten Kreutze

Managing Director Marketing & Sales

Carsten Kreutze is a business economist and responsible for Marketing, Sales and Finance. He combines his extensive experience in building up companies, product development and marketing with a strong customer focus and growth orientation.

Julian Schmidt

Lead Predictive Control

Julian Schmidt is a data scientist and is responsible for the technology development of intelligent control applications based on machine learning methods. Together with his highly qualified team of data scientists, he brings tomorrow's adaptive algorithms into product form.

Dr. Jens Kahlen, Lead Solution Design, Recogizer

Dr. Jens Kahlen

Lead Solution Design

Jens Kahlen is an expert in the analysis, modelling and simulation of thermodynamic and chemical processes. He combines this knowledge with his experience in the optimization of industrial production processes and acts as a link between our customers and our data scientists. In the course of our solution design process he and his team ensure that our data-based IoT solutions are optimally adapted to our customers’ needs.

Sven Ludwig, AaaS Grid Computing Platform, Recogizer

Sven Ludwig

Lead AaaS Grid Computing Platform

Sven Ludwig is the lead IT architect and software developer. He is responsible for the architecture of the AaaS Grid Computing Platform. He uses state-of-the-art technologies for processing data streams and events and his 12-years of experience in planning, developing and operating business-critical applications (such as payment methods, online banking) and microservice-oriented architectures to provide a viable and agile platform.

Kerstin Fischer, Senior Marketing Manager, Recogizer

Kerstin Fischer

Senior Marketing Manager

Kerstin Fischer is a specialist in digital communication. She has many years of experience in social media and search engine optimization in an international environment. At Recogizer, she is responsible for marketing activities and online strategy.

Dr. Martin Weisgerber


Martin Weisgerber holds a doctorate in physics and is an expert in modeling and simulation of thermodynamic processes, as well as the analysis of fluid mechanic and electrodynamic systems. At Recogizer, he designs conventional physical models to merge them with our data-driven solutions.

Prof. Dr. Christian Bauckhage

Advisory Board

Christian Bauckhage is a Professor of Media Computer Science and Pattern Recognition at the University of Bonn and represents the area of Multimedia Pattern Recognition at Fraunhofer IAIS. Christian is an expert in the areas of pattern recognition, data mining, and machine learning.