Anomaly Detection Module

Long-lasting Performance of HVAC Systems

With routine service, HVAC systems can have a long lifespan. But a shortage in service staff or cuts in the maintenance budget can lead to equipment breakdowns. Small failures or operating irregularities, often undetected, can add up. Systems end up running at limited capacity, which can lead to high cost repairs. 

Anomaly Detection spots those small irregularities so they can be found and serviced immediately. Even gradual deteriorations like filter or pump abrasions are quickly detected and eliminated. This way, HVAC systems are not just more stable, they operate more cost-effectively and efficiently, too.

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Quality Assurance for Energy Plants

Detect deviating runtime behavior early on. Run your energy plants long-term at an optimized range.

Learn - Detect – Notify

energyControl Anomaly Detection learns runtime behavior from historical and current data. Intelligent algorithms then recognize irregularities in operation and behavior.

Acute defects and gradual deteriorations are systematically detected and localized; measures against abnormalities are immediately initiated.

Once a deviation is detected, it is localized and an alarm is triggered. The responsible facility manager receives an e-mail notification with a precise description and location of the error.

Anomaly Detection prevents unintended wear of the system to ensure optimal productive operation and long-term high performance.

With Anomaly Detection, You'll Have:

  • Real-time monitoring of plants
  • Runtime behavior is learnt
  • Acute faults and deterioration processes are detected and localized
  • Alerts in case of unexpected system behavior
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Your Benefits

  • Ensured high system availability
  • Avoid gradual deteriorations
  • Achieve stable operation of HVAC systems