Intelligent Energy Management

Monitoring Module for HVAC Systems

All buildings have the potential to be more energy efficient. energyControl looks for ways to make it happen.

HVAC systems account for a large amount of building energy and operating costs. Monitoring these complex systems is vital to optimize energy performance and extend the life of your equipment. 

energyControl monitors measurement and consumption data, operating states, and error messages in real-time. Its clear and easy-to-use interface creates transparency in daily plant operations and across all properties. With just a few clicks, compare comprehensive trends analyses, services, and consumption.

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Monitor Your HVAC Performance

Performance and consumption at a glance - full transparency and operation comparability.

energyPortal: Data at a Glance

The energyPortal visualizes measurement and consumption data in an intuitive web interface. This means that individual buildings and even larger portfolios of properties can be monitored and compared on an ongoing basis.

Web-based and secure access to technical system data offers extensive analysis options: metrics are individually calculated, alarms set, and regular reports created.

With Recogizer's Monitoring, You'll Have:

  • Real-time monitoring of technical installations
  • Intuitive, clear user interface
  • Secure, web-based access to plant data
  • Collection and visualization of operating and consumption data
  • Intelligent alarm management (SMS, e-mail)
  • Various, configurable trends to track over time 
  • Automated calculation of customizable metrics
  • Automated reporting
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Your Benefits

  • Transparency of operating and consumption data
  • Actively monitor HVAC systems
  • Detect system-critical operating states early on
  • Compare multiple building properties