Industrial Analytics

Fine-tune Machines and Plants

Growing industrial automation means there’s an ever-expanding amount of data available. Extracting that data into usable knowledge creates a decisive competitive advantage

Recogizer is a pioneer in the development of predictive analytics solutions to give you that advantage. Our intelligent algorithms are designed to support manufacturers in mechanical and plant engineering, and medium-sized manufacturing companies. From the diagnosis of a complex manufacturing robot to the optimization of a production process in the plastics industry, we help plants and processes operate more efficiently.

Perfect for:

  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Machine and plant construction

Achieve Maximum Overall Plant Efficiency

industryAnalytics improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Our algorithms increase plant availability, performance, and machine quality. By managing the workflow from end to end, our analysis technology can be integrated into existing monitoring solutions.

Our modular solution is easily adapted to unique customer requirements. Predictive Maintenance is central to industrial automation and is at the core of our industryAnalytics solution. Condition Monitoring is foundational for the immediate identification of deviating runtime behavior. Anomaly Detection systematically detects subtle changes in industrial plants. To complement the portfolio we developed Predictive Control to optimize long-term plant and process efficiency, all based on customer requirements.

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Your Benefits

  • Monitor machines and systems in real-time
  • Increase plant availability
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Integrate with existing monitoring solutions