Anomaly Detection for Industrial Plants

Identify Weak Points Systematically

If weak points and small errors aren’t caught quickly, they can lead to lowered machine performance. With anomaly detection, changes in machine behavior are automatically identified. Revealing wear processes like clogged pumps and filters, the early warning system ensures that countermeasures are taken.

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Quality Assurance for Machines

Anomaly detection means there’s no unexpected downtime to prevent production losses. Plus, machines run at their highest level of efficiency.

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Optimize Machine Availability

Countermeasures are enacted quickly, preventing the gradual deterioration of machine performance. Anomaly detection also ensures optimum operational efficiency and long-term high performance.

Learn – Detect – Notify

industryAnalytics anomaly detection learns the runtime behavior from historical and current data. Algorithms detect irregularities in operation and behavior. Both severe defects and gradual deteriorations are systematically detected and localized. If deviations occur, they are localized and an alarm is triggered. The technical service department receives an e-mail notification with a description and location of the error.  

With Anomaly Detection, You'll Have:

  • Real-time monitoring of machines, plants, and processes
  • Learning of machine runtime behavior 
  • Integration into existing monitoring solutions
  • A system individually tailored to requirements
  • Systematic detection of errors and localization
  • Alarm in case of deviation from normal operations 
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Your Benefits

  • Ensure high machine and plant availability
  • Secure operational efficiency for machines, plants, and processes
  • Avoid gradual deteriorations