Condition Monitoring

Complete Transparency of Machine Performance

Machines and plants are highly complex systems. To ensure they operate safely and efficiently, it’s critical to monitor runtime behavior. That way, in case there’s a deviation from normal behavior, there’s an instant response. 

Condition Monitoring provides a complete overview of operations. Monitoring can be based on cycle or batch times, process quality, material and energy efficiency, and safety or regulatory requirements. It provides real-time insight into plant availability, quality, and efficiency.

industryAnalytics continuously monitors the status of machines, plants, or processes in real-time with a simple, easy-to-use web interface that can be integrated into existing monitoring systems. 

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Monitor Machines, Plants, and Processes

Get transparency on performance data – standard with Recogizer's predictive analytics solutions

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Industrial IoT Platform for Easy Asset Management

Using a powerful industrial IoT platform, industryAnalytics captures machine and system data in real-time. The intuitive user interface visualizes data.

industryAnalytics is web-based and offers secure access to the management dashboard. It provides extensive analysis options for customized performance metrics. You can also set alarms and create regular reports. Withjust a few clicks, set up trends to track over time. 

With Condition Monitoring, You'll Have:

  • Real-time monitoring of technical installations
  • Intuitive, clear user interface
  • Secure, web-based access to plant data
  • Collection and visualization of machine and plant data
  • Intelligent alarm system (SMS, e-mail)
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Your Benefits:

  • Achieve transparency for operation and performance 
  • Actively monitor machines, plants, or processes
  • Detect system-critical operating states early on