Predictive Maintenance

New Generation of Machine and Plant Maintenance

Machine and system maintenance is critical for productivity. But sometimes, routine preventative maintenance doesn’t do enough: The actual load on the machines isn’t taken into account, and components are replaced even though they haven’t reached the end of their service life. When this happens during production, downtime can be expensive.

With Predictive Maintenance, you can act instead of react to system defects. Potential faults are identified before they happen. The right spare part can be ordered immediately and a service technician called in right away. Maintenance activities can be scheduled with industryAnalytics so they don’t interfere with production.

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Prevent System Failures

Detect plant defects and correct them quickly, before a standstill happens.

Go Beyond Preventive Maintenance

Production systems are increasingly complex. Machines and plants are connected and equipped with multiple sensors so that data can be used for greater efficiency.

By using sensor data, industryAnalytics monitors and analyzes the condition of the machines, making these data pools automatically accessible. You’ll be instantly alerted if the recurring operating pattern spots a potential component or system failure. When a problem occurs, a service ticket is issued immediately. Service has the chance to respond on-time and proactively to prevent costly system downtime. 

Predictive Maintenance goes far beyond preventive steps by maintaining machines precisely according to their needs.

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Industrial IoT platform

We optimize maintenance intervals by automatically forecasting specific requirements for service and spare parts. Our high-performance IoT platform provides real-time monitoring of machines and systems. The data is clearly arranged and visualized. The dashboard is securely accessible and offers extensive analysis options for individual KPIs.



With Predictive Maintenance, You'll Get:

  • Automated forecasting of imminent downtimes
  • Continuous data analysis for system/process runtime
  • Predictive maintenance recommendations
  • Proactive maintenance ticket for service technicians 
  • A solution individually tailored to requirements
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Your Benefits:

  • Reduce maintenance and downtime costs on the long run
  • Predict machine and plant downtimes
  • Significantly reduce unplanned downtimes
  • Increase operational safety
  • Ensure system availability