Energy Efficiency for the Hotel Industry

Sustainability – Your Competitive Advantage

Hotels are in the business of making people comfortable. A lot of that comfort is generated by room climate. Heating or cooling rooms, wellness areas, or conference rooms can be expensive. In fact, energy costs can take up to 10 percent of net sales -- with trends indicating those costs will soar higher. With rising energy costs reported as one of the main cost drivers for the industry, it’s a critical competitive factor for hotels to get ahead of these costs while still making sure their guests are comfortable. 

Preserving and protecting the planet isn’t up for debate for some hotel guests. Environmentally sustainable practices can make the difference between whether or not a guest stays at a hotel property. For corporate customers, it’s often a decision factor in corporate contracts. Still, a guest’s comfort remains the top priority and so hotels need to find a balance between room climate and energy efficiency. 

"energyControl considerably improves the indoor climate and increases the energy efficiency of hotel operations - with a minimum of time and resources."

Dr. Jens Kahlen 
Lead Solution Design at Recogizer

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Significantly Reduce Energy Consumption

Excellent Indoor Hotel Climate

Many hotels have limited personnel resources. Technical service providers have multiple duties, while only a small number of in-house staff are available for building services. Yet, they are often tasked with ensuring the comfort of guests -- a critical factor for many guests when it comes to satisfaction with the hotel's operation.

In order to improve energy consumption and comfort, it is often only possible to renovate buildings or modernize technical facilities. This is associated with large investments that typically pay off after many years.

energyControl noticeably reduces energy consumption and increases room climate stability. The solution can be implemented during regular operation, and the investment is typically amortized within a year. Plus, it frees up staff to focus on other critical areas. 

Predictive Control uses the operating data from the HVAC system as well as a number of building factors like operating and consumption data, weather forecasts, occupancy data, and the hotel operations usage profile. From this, Predictive Control learns the most efficient HVAC operations for each building and the systems are automatically controlled. 

HVAC system using Energy Control
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Transparency for Technical Systems

Overview: Energy and Operating Data

Operating buildings efficiently requires transparency. We monitor the operation and consumption of HVAC systems in real time. The user-friendly energyPortal provides a clear, modern visualization of the recorded operating and consumption data. With just a few clicks, track trends over time or compare building performance. Automatically calculate customized KPIs with regular reports. We provide you with an ideal foundation for individual analysis. 



Benefits of Energy Control for Hotels - hotel entrance with 2 business travellers

Benefits for Hotels

  • More than 20 percent lower HVAC energy consumption
  • A constant, comfortable room climate
  • Transparency in building operation
  • Easy installation