Energy Efficiency for Office Buildings

Ensure Workplace Well-being

Office buildings use a lot of energy in their daily operations. Over 70 percent of the total energy demand comes just from HVAC systems. Reducing soaring costs and overall energy usage, while still keeping occupants comfortable, can be a real challenge. Many efficiency solutions are capital-intensive and only pay off after many years – an obstacle to sustainability projects. 

Recogizer’s innovative approach with energyControl solves this challenge: ongoing optimization pays off quickly and energy consumption drops noticeably. All the while, keeping occupants happy.

Oliver Habisch, quote

"Office buildings have a high energy demand and yet active energy management is only rarely used. energyControl integrates into the ongoing operation of the building and reduces energy costs for the long run."

Oliver Habisch
Managing Director, Recogizer

Sustainable Reduction of Energy Consumption

Best Indoor Climate for Office Buildings

On a daily basis, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems consume more energy than necessary. Sometimes it’s because the technology is not up to date. Other times, it’s because of conventional or even manual operations. When the thermal management of buildings is handled by a predictive solution, energy efficiency increases significantly. 

Predictive Control combines high energy efficiency with a comfortable room climate. energyControl can be implemented quickly and easily in existing buildings. With it, HVAC systems start saving energy and money. 

The forecast-based control strategy learns building and individual climate zones automatically. To perform the most efficiently, the model uses selected, relevant data like plant operation and consumption data, weather and building occupancy, as well as office hours. energyControl is based on building automation solutions and completes them with a look ahead. Over time, the model adapts itself intelligently to changing conditions, like user behavior or building lifecycle.

HVAC system using Energy Control
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Transparency for Office Buildings

Overview: Energy and Operating Data

Operating buildings efficiently requires transparency. We monitor the operation and consumption of HVAC systems in real time. The user-friendly energyPortal provides a clear, modern visualization of the recorded operating and consumption data. With just a few clicks, track trends over time or compare building performance. Automatically calculate customized KPIs with regular reports. We provide you with an ideal foundation for individual analysis. 

Advantages Energy Control for offices - administration buildings in sunlight

Benefits for Offices

  • More than 20 percent lower HVAC energy consumption
  • A constant, comfortable room climate
  • Transparency in building operation
  • Easy installation