Energy Efficiency for Retail Stores

Reduce Consumption – Increase Sustainability

When it comes to energy demand, the retail sector is the second highest user compared to all commercial properties. With already razor thin margins, reducing energy usage and lowering operating costs can make or break a retail store. 

Plus, for retailers, sustainable and energy-efficient operating concepts go hand-in-hand with consumer values and behavior. Environmentally-conscious consumers are more likely to support businesses that reflect their values. 

Inventive energy management, smart sustainability practices, and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency measures are important for the retail sector.

Recogizer’s innovative approach with energyControl finds savings opportunities to keep energy costs low

"Retail has the second highest energy demand of all commercial properties. energyControl leverages the considerable savings potential." 

Carsten Kreutze
Managing Director, Recogizer

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Achieve Energy Efficiency with Ease

Intelligence for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

HVAC systems account for a significant portion of energy costs for retail buildings. One way to reduce energy consumption is to renovate the building shell or modernize technical systems. Those measures are often cost prohibitive, take several years to payback, and are difficult to implement during store operations. 

With Recogizer, energyControl can be installed during normal business hours. Without restrictions on store operations, sales can continue. At the same time, Recogizer has low investment requirements that typically pay off in less than a year, depending on building condition. With Predictive Control, the energy consumption of your HVAC systems can be reduced by more than 20 percent. 

Recogizer uses the operating data from the HVAC system as well as a number of building factors like operating and consumption data, weather forecasts, customer frequency, and store hours. From this, Predictive Control learns the most efficient HVAC operations for each store and the model adapts over time to changing conditions, like the building lifecycle.  

HVAC system using Energy Control
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Transparency for Your Stores

Overview: Energy and Operating Data

Operating buildings efficiently requires transparency. We monitor operation and consumption of HVAC systems in real time. The user-friendly energyPortal provides a clear, modern visualization of the recorded operating and consumption data. With just a few clicks, track trends over time or compare building performance. Automatically calculate customized KPIs with regular reports. We provide you with an ideal foundation for individual analysis. 



energyControl for the Retail Sector:

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Furniture Retailers

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Food/Non-food Retailers

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Benefits for Your Stores

  • More than 20% percent lower HVAC energy consumption
  • A constant, comfortable room climate
  • Transparency in building operation
  • Easy installation