Energy Efficiency in Schools

Best Indoor Climate for Successful Learning

Many schools and universities have outdated heating systems and energy efficiency standards. But the need for energy conservation is greater than ever. When schools and educational institutions, especially older buildings, modernize heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, they’ll not only lower their energy costs, they’ll use energy more efficiently

With Recogizer, it’s possible to have comfortable room climates that support learning while still reducing energy consumption and lowering costs. Schools don’t need to choose one over the other. 

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"High air quality is essential for successful learning. energyControl improves the room climate and ensures a stable temperature - in harmony with significantly lower energy costs."

Ali Kalantarnia
Solution Engineer at Recogizer

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Comfortable Indoor Climate for Schools

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems use more energy than necessary. Often, remodeling buildings or upgrading technical systems are seen as the only options to reduce energy costs. However, those measures are expensive, pay off after several years, and are not easy to implement during school operations.

Recogizer's software-based approach amortizes in less than a year. HVAC systems that use our Predictive Control save up to 40 percent in energy consumption. At the same time, a comfortable and stable room climate is maintained in the long run. Installation is quick and easy, even in existing buildings.

energyControl uses the operating data from the HVAC system as well as a number of building factors like building occupancy, consumption data, and weather forecasts. From this, Predictive Control learns the most efficient HVAC operations for each building and the model adapts over time to changing conditions, like user behavior or the building lifecycle.  

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Transparency for Technical Systems

Overview: Energy and Operating Data

Operating buildings efficiently requires transparency. We monitor the operation and consumption of HVAC systems in real time. The user-friendly energyPortal provides a clear, modern visualization of the recorded operating and consumption data. With just a few clicks, track trends over time or compare building performance. Automatically calculate customized KPIs with regular reports. We provide you with an ideal foundation for individual analysis. 



Use energyControl for these educational institutions:

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Public and private schools

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Benefits for Education:

  • More than 20 percent lower HVAC energy consumption
  • A constant, comfortable room climate
  • Transparency in building operation
  • Easy installation