Predictive Analytics: An Eye on Performance

Insightful Solutions for Buildings and Industry

Recogizer unleashes the power of data. We develop and operate predictive solutions and intelligent controllers for building automation and industry.

Data holds immense insight. While more and more machines and systems connect, enormous amounts of information are generated. Tapping into the intelligence of this data can create a decisive competitive advantage for businesses. 

Our high-performance IoT platform unlocks available data to ensure transparency. Intelligent, self-learning algorithms identify cost-saving possibilities, realize efficiency gains, and enable plants to operate at their optimum performance.

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What Is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics works with intelligent algorithms and machine learning techniques on large data sets to identify the likelihood of future developments. It identifies machine failures or energy requirements of buildings by using historical and current operational data. 

Predictive analytics is a continuous process that identifies recurring patterns and correlations. The models are self-adapting - improving continuously as the system progresses.

What is predictive analytics? Definition infographic

Why Recogizer?

Our experienced team combines the latest in artificial intelligence techniques with their engineering expertise to give you the best efficiency and cost-savings possible.

  • Customized predictive analytics solutions
  • Unique combination of artificial intelligence mixed with engineering sciences
  • Actions from analyses are automatically derived
  • Autonomously control plants in an optimized strategy
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